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One on one, group classes, corporate events.


Gaby's extensive yoga training is based upon Swami Kriyananda's The Art and Science of Raja Yoga. 'Raja' or 'Royal' yoga focuses on Philosophy, Meditation, Postures, Breathing, Routines, Healing, and Diet. The main purpose of yoga postures, sometimes thought to bestow only physical benefits, is to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Affirmations, visualizations, breathing exercises, healing techniques are similarly helpful.


Each 'Asana' (Yoga Pose) and its accompanying affirmation focus on stimulating a particular flow of energy through the body.  A yoga student should learn to visualize this inner energy.


Raja Yoga technique helps us make the transition from the outer world of activity to the inner world of stillness. We learn how to let go of worries, physical and mental tension, and to focus the mind -- skills that are helpful not only for meditation but equally in our daily lives.


"The whole purpose of true exercise is to awaken the inner source of energy, which we have ignored all our lives."

Paramhansa Yogananda


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