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According to Tibetan oral tradition...

...the existence of singing bowls dates back over 2,500 years and they were brought from India to Tibet along with the teachings of the Buddha. Himalayan singing bowls produce sounds which induce a state of relaxation,  readying the mind for meditation. They are often handmade and consist of a metal alloy of copper, tin, iron, lead, zinc, gold, silver and mercury which produce complex harmonic overtones when struck or rubbed with a malet. Many people find that the rich blend of fundamental tone with its beating partials have a direct affect upon their chakras.  A customary set consists of a group of seven singing bowls, each tuned to a different note corresponding to its own chakra (energy center in the body). When played, the vibrations of each singing bowl usually cause an immediate centering effect. 


Used by a skilled practioner, the singing bowls promote: 

  • deep relaxation 

  • meditation

  • stress reduction 

  • sound healing therapy on the body

  • chakra balancing

  • aura cleansing 

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